e*Service FAQ

e*Teller FAQ

Q: How to set up your account for e*Teller Home Banking.
A: Select the e*Teller Login button located at the top of the left-hand menu. By selecting the login button you will be redirected to the e*Teller Login page where you will find a link displaying, "Sign-Up for e*Teller Account access." Select the Sign-Up link and fill in the required information. Once the information is correctly entered in, select the submit button to enroll for e*Teller online account access.

Q: How to clear cache, temporary Internet history, passwords, and delete cookies.
A: The following steps will assist you in clearing and deleting any unneeded content or history.
1. Go to Tools and select "Internet Options".
2. The Internet Options dialog window will appear. On the General Tab, under the Browsing History section, select "Delete".
3. From the Delete Browsing History window, select the appropriate choices to delete, or select the "Delete All" button located at the bottom of the Delete Browsing History window.
4. When prompted, select "Yes" to delete the requested content and history.
5. Select, "Close" and "OK" to close any Internet Options windows.

Q: How to enable cookies.
A: The following steps will assist you in enabling cookies for your Internet browser.
1. Go to Tools and select "Internet Options".
2. The Internet Options dialog window will appear. On the Privacy Tab, select the "Advanced" button.
3. From the Advanced Privacy Settings window, make sure that both First & Third-party cookies are set to "Accept" and the "Override automatic cookie handling" is not checked.

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Q: What is my e*Teller account number?
A: Your e*Teller account number is the same as your Members First account number. If you currently have a checking account, you can locate your account number from the MICR line on the bottom of your checks. You can also contact any of our Member Service Representatives who can assist you in locating your account number.

Q: How long can my e*Teller password be?
A: Your password must be at least six (6) characters long, and may be up to nine (9) characters long. Additionally, to help provide better security to your account, your password must contain at least two (2) numeric characters and four (4) alpha characters (i.e. bpfr34, or jb23jill).

Q: Why do I have Challenge Questions?
A: The challenge questions are an additional security feature to compliment the security features already in place. The challenge questions offer an additional layer of security to ensure that any access to your online e*Teller account is established from a trusted source.

Q: How many Challenge Questions do I have to answer?
A: You must enter in a minimum of six (6) answers to the list of ten (10) available challenge questions. Be sure to remember what answers you have chosen and keep your answers to a moderate length and complexity to reduce any issues with accessing your e*Teller account.

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Q: Is my e*Teller account access secure?
A: Yes, Members First e*Services provide enhanced security features ensuring your financial information is protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All online access is protected and monitored by internal and external firewall devices that restrict intrusion from any external sources. Additionally, all online access is protected with 128-bit encryption, security passwords, and security challenge questions to guarantee the security of your information. Remember, that any online passwords or challenge answers should be treated as if it were your ATM PIN and should never be revealed to anyone.

Q: Where can I find the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox?
A: The following links will redirect you to downloads sites where you can download the latest browser.
Internet Explorer
Mozilla FireFox
Google Chrome

Q: How do I unfreeze my e*Teller account?
A: As a security precaution, a limited number of attempts to gain access to your e*Teller account is provided. After the number of attempts has been reached your account will remain frozen until you contact one of our Member Services Representatives who will ask you to provide the necessary identification to unfreeze your e*Teller account.

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