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e*Quality Bill Pay is an easy to use, convenient, safe and affordable way to pay your bills, all from the comfort of your home. You have the freedom to choose whom to pay and when. Use it in conjuction with our free checking account and you'll wonder what you ever did without it.



e*Quality Bill Pay FAQ

Q: How do I enroll for e*Quality Bill Pay?
A: The following steps will guide you to enroll into the Bill Pay service.
To begin using our online Bill Pay Service, you must have a checking account with Members First Credit Union. You also must currently be signed up for our online e*Teller access. If you do not have e*Teller access, please contact us at 435-723-5231 to have it activated.


One you are logged in to e*Teller, click the "Bill Pay" option from the menu options on the left. You will be taken to the Bill Pay enrollment wizard, which will walk you through the steps of enrolling for our Bill Pay Service.


Q: What costs are associated with the e*Quality Bill Pay service?
A: The Bill Pay service is provided to Members First members as a service with no associated cost at this time.


Q: Who can I pay using the e*Quality Bill Pay service?
A: Payments to Payees outside of the United States or its territories are prohibited. Tax payments and court ordered payments may be scheduled, however, such payments are discouraged and must be scheduled at your own risk.


Q: What type of payment will my payee receive?
A: After creating a payee, a "Business Days to Pay" is displayed on the Payee List, The greater value means it is a check payment payee; the lesser value means it is an electronic payment payee.

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Q: How far in advance should I set up payments?
A: You should set up payments at least ten (10) days in advance of the payment due date.


Q: What do I do if one of my payees's address changes?
A: To edit any payee information, on the Payments page, click the Payee List tab. On the line item that represents the payee you wish to edit, select the "View/Edit" button. The "Edit Information" form opens. These fields can then be edited. Make the necessary address or information changes, then select next and accept to complete the changes.


Q: Can I schedule recurring payments?
A: Yes, recurring payments can be initiated for any payee. When setting up a new merchant, be sure to select "Yes" in the recurring payment field question, "Would you like to make this a Recurring Payment"?


Q: Can I place a stop payment on a Bill Pay payment?
A: Yes, to cancel a payment that has been scheduled, but not yet disbursed. If you require a stop payment for funds that have already been disbursed, please contact any of our Member Service Representatives for further assistance.

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